risk and audit

Transform Risk and Audit Landscape with
Analytics and Machine Learning

With Aurex, your organisation shall be one Digital GRC and Analytics Ecosystem. Aurex is a unique plug and play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of control over your complex, multifaceted organisation.

  • Audit Management Audit Management
  • Audit Analytics Audit Analytics
  • Continuous Audit Continuous Audit
  • Business Continuity Business Continuity
  • Audit Management Risk Management
  • Incident Reporting Incident Reporting
  • Compliance Management Compliance Management
  • Policy Management Policy Management

An ecosystem that transcends silos enabled and empowered by AI, ML, and ultra-sophisticated neural networks to automate processes and tackle the issues raised by barriers on their own.

A grand fusion of information, where clusters of neural networks or 'brainware' communicate with each other aided by advanced Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated Machine Learning applications churning out superior, dynamic insights as and when they matter.

This is Aurex, and it is ready!



Risk Management

Identify, assess, and control threats of an organization's capital and earnings, that could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters.

  • Identify risks and apply controls
  • View metrics visually in seconds
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Audit Management

Audits are an integral part of managing risk and control effectiveness within an organization. Scrutinize if everything is well organized using Audit management that aids in simplifying the whole workflow.

  • Plan audit with minimal time & cost
  • Track audit issues via dashboards
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Audit Analytics

Obtain comprehensive data drawn from different verticals to identify & assess risks. Analyze data meticulously to get an increased business understanding using the visual outputs such as dashboards rather than using text or numerical information.

  • Audit huge amount of data
  • Do insight-driven auditing
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Carry out different types of surveys that can be made use of in different scenarios. Create surveys and make the employees participate in the survey.

  • Create and tag surveys
  • Generate assessments


Track, analyze, and visually perceive the key business metrics and allow the users to interact with the data. Understand the analytics easily and arrive at resolutions at the right time.

  • Track the actions using dashboards
  • Manage everything in a single window

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