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Transform the GRC Landscape with Analytics powered by AI and Machine Learning. Aurex™ is a unique plug-and-play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of assurance over your complex, multifaceted organization, employing its Risk, Audit, Compliance, Analytics, Incident Management, ESG, Business Continuity Management, and Business Strategy capabilities.

Aurex™ transcends organizational silos.

  • Audit Management Audit Management
  • Audit Analytics Audit Analytics
  • Continuous Audit Continuous Audit
  • Business Continuity Business Continuity
  • Business Strategy Business Strategy
  • Audit Management Risk Management
  • Incident Reporting Incident Reporting
  • Compliance Management Compliance Management
  • Policy Management Policy Management

With Aurex™ Unified Audit-Analytics capabilities, organizations can anticipate, evaluate, and respond to changes in real-time. Take the Quantum Leap you have always wanted to!

This is the power of Aurex™, and it is ready for you!

Unified Enterprise View

With this 360-degree enterprise view, you will have surprises kept to a minimum. Drill down to risk, audit, and compliance spectrums at will. Identify the lineage of risk and control ratings and tap into relevant, real-time insights delivered by the power of Continuous Audit, Risk, Controls and Compliance Monitoring.

Aurex™ Capabilities

Risk & Controls

  • Targeted risk and assurance assessments in real-time
  • Identification of risk patterns and threat prediction
  • Risk Evaluation provides comprehensive insights into your organization's risk landscape
  • Discrepancies, outliers, and statistical anomalies in one radar
  • Identification of gaps in controls and fraud detection at its nascency
  • Automated risk and continuous controls monitoring


  • Organization-wide data to provide C-suite executives with timesaving info
  • Self-service analytics power to everyone
  • Viewing data the way you want it to be viewed
  • Generating ready-to-use reports in one click.
  • Real-time testing of controls against standards and regulations with organization-wide data

Governance & Compliance

  • Improving ROI by ensuring compliance with regulatory norms
  • Monitor the organization's regulatory KPIs.
  • Keep regulators happy and at ease, maintaining a robust control environment.
  • Streamlining reporting processes through automated data collection and analysis
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability through real-time tracking and reporting
  • Cross-functional governance collaboration


  • Total control when you bring data in from multiple sources, retaining integrity
  • Power to bring in data from disparate systems (ERPs, CRMs, etc.) to a single platform
  • Interconnected data sources, tools, and workflows to meet your unique needs
  • Scalable architecture capable of handling large volumes of data while maintaining performance and efficiency.
  • Ability to automatically integrate data from internal and third-party sources


Risk Management

Identify, assess, and control threats to an organization's capital and earnings that could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters.

  • Identify risks and apply controls
  • View metrics visually in seconds
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Audit Management

Audits are an integral part of managing risk and control effectiveness within an organization. Scrutinize if everything is well organized using Audit management that aids in simplifying the whole workflow.

  • Plan audit with minimal time & cost
  • Track audit issues via dashboards
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Audit Analytics

Obtain comprehensive data drawn from different verticals to identify & assess risks. Analyze data meticulously to get an increased business understanding using visual outputs such as dashboards rather than text or numerical information.

  • Audit huge amounts of data
  • Do insight-driven auditing
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Carry out different types of assessments that can be used in different scenarios. Create assessments of multiple hues and enable the employees to participate in them.

  • Create assessments
  • Tag assessments to other modules


Track, analyze, and visually perceive the key business metrics and allow the users to interact with the data. Understand the analytics easily and arrive at resolutions at the right time.

  • Track the actions using dashboards
  • Manage everything in a single window

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