What is Aurex™?

Aurex™ is a unique plug-and-play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of assurance over your complex, multifaceted organization, employing Governance, Risk, Compliance, Analytics, Business Continuity Management, and ESG capabilities. The core purpose of Aurex™ is to help identify organizational risks proactively and in real-time, report to your enterprise’s Board and Management for mitigation, and ensure Business Continuity Management and ESG alignment. It achieves this by breaking organizational silos, ensuring that decision-makers in your firm get the right data at the right time to make informed decisions and address sustainability and resilience concerns effectively.

Aurex™ automates end-to-end workflows. And it facilitates your enterprise to stay audited, always.

The power of continuous audit is a profound one. The real-time deployment of data and analysis enhances the quality of audits and the thoroughness of internal controls, bringing down your firm’s compliance risk. The automation of audit procedures saves time and frees up a greater number of resources which could be employed optimally in other areas.

The Power of Aurex™ to You

The Power of Continuous Controls Monitoring:

Unlock the power of continuous controls monitoring with Aurex™. Harnessing advanced analytics and AI, Aurex™ ensures proactive mitigation strategies and regulatory adherence, safeguarding your operations with unprecedented efficiency.

The Power of Effective Decision-to-action Loop:

Leveraging advanced analytics and AI, Aurex™ ensures a seamless flow from data-driven decisions to decisive actions, empowering your organization with agility and resilience.

The Power of End-to-end Enterprise Office Automation:

For Aurex™, digital transformation by automation is the underpinning key. Take a quantum leap from outdated, error-prone, manual processes to full and continuous automation at an enterprise level.

The Power of Leveraging a Single Source of Truth:

The unified plug-and-play platform empowers you to reduce workloads, save time, and bestows you with a single source of truth.

The Power of Genuine and Profound Simplicity:

Executives, Auditors, and Analysts do not require any auxiliary IT or augmented analytics skills to work on Aurex™.

How Aurex™ Can Help You

ERM Team:

Aurex™ helps you to establish the context and identify, analyze, and evaluate risks. It enables the ERM team to perform risk treatment and empowers continuous monitoring and review.

Audit Team:

Aurex™ provides auditors with a comprehensive platform for managing and optimizing audit activities from audit planning to execution to reporting to follow-up. This enhances efficiency, reduces manual work, and contributes to a more effective and transparent audit process.

Resilience Team:

Aurex™ equips resilience team with real-time insights, ensuring rapid response and continuity of operations during disruptions. It strengthens resilience efforts, safeguarding organizational stability and reputation.

Compliance Team:

Aurex™ provides the Compliance team with preset templates to gather information and to conduct compliance assessments. They can also maintain a scoring mechanism to ascertain the gaps.

Governance Team:

Aurex™ streamlines policy management for the Governance team by centralizing policies, automating updates, and ensuring compliance across the organization.

The Quantum Leap Paradigm and Aurex™

Disruption of Silos

Disruption happens when silos are demolished


The convergence of previously non-likable ecosystems

Quantum Leap

Many decades of advancement gets packed into mere years

Quantum Leap occurs when many decades of surge in a given field happen in a couple of years. It is a cycle which has three process-entities. It starts with the dismantling of silos which leads to disruption. Post disruption, super-convergence happens, the convergence of previously non-linkable ecosystems in one place. This leads to Quantum Leap, wherein many decades of advancement get packed into mere years.

Aurex™: Points that Add to Firepower

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