The Audit Analytics module of Aurex ensures that tracking of issues and recommendations stays easy despite the surge in data volumes. And this is just one of the problems the Module seeks to address. Apart from this, a variety of analytical scenarios may be performed, and the required output may be provided.

Industry Problem
  • Only a sample validation of data could be performed for historical data when the data pool is huge.
  • Given the time constraints associated with the performing or completing of an audit, the total number of analytical criteria will be limited.
  • With the quantum of data swelling, tracking of the issues and recommendations gets to be difficult.
  • Absence of a complete and consolidated register of risks, controls, and analytics.
Aurex Solution
  • Enabled by Aurex, the entire population in the reports can be analysed.
  • For the analytical aspect, the actions or activities may be scheduled beforehand and run accordingly. Follow up, which is automated, will be carried out as per requirement.
  • The tracking is inbuilt as far as the issues are concerned. Recommendations and exceptions may also be tracked on a dashboard or on a click basis.
  • Aurex links controls, risks and audit to the respective analytical scenarios.
Aurex Benefits
  • Minimal or negligible manual effort involved
  • A variety of analytical scenarios may be performed, and the required output may be provided.
  • Better insights can be gleaned from the information and aids in continuous monitoring.
  • Since the linking is automated, savings in terms of time and effort not to speak of added situation awareness.


Continuous Audit Management

The Continuous Audit Management module of Aurex helps you keep the organization in shape, empowering continuous monitoring of multiple parameters and indicators.

Aurex's Continuous Audit Management module is in many ways intuitive and helps you save on time, budget, hassles, and resources. The predictive analytics capability of Aurex comes with its own pre-set functionality enablement and helps you with continuous monitoring. The activity is powerful enough to run on autopilot mode as well.

The Module enables you to do:

Continuous Controls Monitoring
AI/ML Powered Analytics Tests
Conversational Intelligence
Early Warning Predictions
Industry Problem
  • Continuous Audit Management is conventionally intensive in terms of time, process and personnel.
  • Generally, predictive analysis is a separate activity
Aurex Solution
  • Intelligent Aurex functionality lets you pre-set the activities that require continuous monitoring, and the activity will be carried out by the app itself.
  • Aurex has predictive analysis covered on its own with pre-set functionality enablement.
Aurex Benefits
  • Save on time, budget, hassles, and resource deployment. Changes trigger automated alerts to process owners simplifying management.
  • Save on time, budget, hassles, and experience peace of mind.

Aurex's Internal Controls or Risk Controls module automates internal controls status by integrating organisational ERP, CRM and similar systems.

Drill-down from controls to Risks and Audit

The Module enables you to do:

Management and reporting of the Internal Controls hierarchy

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