Audit Management

Tackle multidimensional risks by sifting through massive chunks of data at the speed of light aided by supreme insights. Aura Audit Management module lets you do that and more.

The Audit Management module of Aurex ensures that problems related to document management, naming, storage, and retrieval are tackled with dexterity. The cloud-based storage architecture enables sophisticated organisation of data and lets you comply with consistent data saving conventions.

In fact, the Module empowers you to do:

Audit Planning and Reporting
Annual Budgeting
Resource Management
Audit Workflow Management
Industry Problem
  • Legacy audit reports' and support data's availability
  • Hap-hazard storage of documents and/ or non-availability of the required data when needed
  • Flourishing of inconsistent data saving practice
Aurex Solution
  • Storage being cloud-based, archiving becomes easy with Aurex
  • Enables the thorough organisation of storage data
  • Adherence to consistent data saving conventions making it easy to access data despite a change of personnel in designated roles.
Aurex Benefits
  • Instant access to legacy data
  • Easy data retrieval routine
  • Virtually nil data losses, and practically, absence of confusions associated with loss of trails


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