Aurex: Disruptions Happen When Silos Are Demolished

Indumon Das
12:02 am
27 June 2022

Be it farming or electricity production, humanity has come a long way. Farming; a longer way, for sure. But when the idea surfaced that farming and electricity production may be combined, that it is possible to cultivate rice and generate electricity from the cultivation of rice, a revolution on steroids happened. Food and energy production in two silos gave way to food + energy production.

This may sound unbelievable, but take note of this story as published on the official website of Ray Kurzweil. Marjolein Helder, PhD., the CEO Plant-e, is quoted as saying, "It's possible to produce rice and electricity at the same time, and in that way combine food and energy production." But how is this even possible?

The surplus organic material produced by photosynthesis is excreted through the roots of a plant, and a naturally occurring bacteria breakdown this organic residue emitting electrons. Once these electrons are captured by electrodes placed close to the bacteria, the research team is able to generate electricity.

"In the future, bio-electricity from plants could produce as much as 3.2 watts per square meter of plant growth, the story notes.

UN's FAO says that at present, some 11 per cent (1.5 billion ha) of the globe's land surface (13.4 billion ha) is used in crop cultivation. That translates into 4687.5 GW of electricity production if this potential is exploited at the current scale. (This is roughly ten times the total Power Generating Capacity of (utilities & non-utilities) India as of March 2020.)

That disruptions happen when silos are demolished is evident.

Now let us see if a disruption is possible in the audit industry. If we go by the maxim above, we can conclude that the audit industry is ripe for disruption. That is because converting Insights to Action is highly siloed and can be deemed a reactive process in this Industry which need not continue to be so.

The solution consists of making the silos redundant by building network pathways as given below.

And we have a product for that: Aurex!

With Aurex, your organisation shall be one Digital GRC and Analytics Ecosystem. Aurex is a unique plug and play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of control over your complex, multifaceted organisation.

Aurex is a unified system that transcends silos enabled and empowered by AI, ML, and ultra-sophisticated neural networks to automate processes and tackle the issues raised by barriers on their own.

A grand fusion of information, where clusters of neural networks or 'brainware' communicate with each other aided by advanced Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated Machine Learning applications churning out superior, dynamic insights as and when they matter, Aurex is future-proof.

Unleashing your organisational potential facilitated by a plug and play digital application, Aurex is unlike any other product in the market.

Aurex ensures that all the challenging enterprise requirements are met with dexterity and sophistication. Leveraging cutting edge technology Aurex lets you traverse that extra mile with ease and achieve multiple goals you have set for the enterprise. It ensures organisation-wide pain points are met with superlative firepower.

The following ones are the core modules of Aurex:

Risk Management
Audit Management
Incident Reporting
Business Continuity
Policy Management
Time Management
Budget Management

Understand what Aurex™ truly is from the people who made it! Unlike any other.

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