Business Continuity

Aurex™ Business Continuity Management module offers a comprehensive suite of features, including impact assessment tools, scenario planning, and recovery plan templates, ensuring enterprises can adapt their continuity strategies to meet evolving threats and operational needs. By providing a centralized platform for managing the entire resilience cycle, Aurex™ empowers organizations to minimize downtime, protect critical assets, and maintain business operations even in the face of disruptions.

The module enables you to:

Document Critical Processes
Perform Impact Analysis
Develop BCM Plan
Test & Evaluate Scenarios
Invoke BCP
Industry Challenges
  • Lack of Comprehensive Planning: Enterprises struggle with developing and maintaining comprehensive business continuity plans covering various scenarios and risks.
  • Inefficient Solution Design: Designing effective solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery is hindered by a lack of standardized processes and tools.
  • Limited Testing and Acceptance: Testing and acceptance of continuity plans are often ad-hoc or insufficiently executed, leading to uncertainty in their effectiveness during real-world disruptions.
  • Poor Maintenance and Analysis: Regular maintenance and analysis of continuity plans are overlooked, resulting in outdated strategies that may not align with current business needs or evolving risks.
Aurex™ Solutions
  • Customizable Planning Tools: Aurex™ offers customizable planning tools and templates to facilitate the development of comprehensive business continuity plans tailored to the specific needs and risks of enterprises.
  • Standardized Solution Design: Aurex™ provides standardized processes and solution design methodologies, ensuring efficient and effective development of continuity strategies.
  • Testing and Acceptance: Aurex™ enables testing and acceptance processes, empowering enterprises to systematically validate and approve their continuity plans for various scenarios.
  • Continuous Maintenance and Analysis: Aurex™ includes features for continuous maintenance and analysis of continuity plans, ensuring they remain up-to-date and aligned with changing business requirements and risks.
  • Enhanced Preparedness: Aurex™ solutions enhance enterprise preparedness by facilitating the development of comprehensive and tailored business continuity plans.
  • Efficient Solution Design: Standardized processes and tools streamline solution design, saving time and resources while ensuring the effectiveness of continuity strategies.
  • Confidence in Plan Effectiveness: Testing and acceptance processes instill confidence in the effectiveness of continuity plans, ensuring enterprises are better prepared to handle disruptions.
  • Agility and Adaptability: Continuous maintenance and analysis enable enterprises to adapt their continuity plans quickly to evolving risks and operational needs, ensuring resilience in the face of uncertainty.


Identify significant processes & associated assets
Document the work around and related upsteam and downstream process
Report the findings
Perform impact analysis
Perform design and efficiency testing
Identify Significant process & associated Assets
Perform Impact analysis
Document the work around and related upsteam and downstream process
Perform design and efficiency testing
Report the findings

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