Compliance & Policy Management

Compliance Management

Aurex’s Compliance Management module is a highly customisable module that can be fine-tuned to suit the multiple requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

Get a holistic picture as to the compliance implication on the risk and related controls. Save time, effort, and resources. The Module comes with a high-end customisation option, and you can fashion and shape the Module to be in sync with the law of the land in your place of registration

The following are the unique enabling factors:

Compliance checklists, with global best practices
Dynamic charts and dashboards to help keep track of organisational compliance status
Automated Compliance score calculation

Policy Management

  • Policy repository enablement: All the policies of the organization can be stored at one place and can be accessed from the location.
  • Version control facilitation: Updates to the existing policy is controlled by version control facilitation. History of the same is available. There is a track of which version is active.
  • Tracking of changes and updates: All changes are tracked, and history is available of the changes made.
  • Single source of finalized texts


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