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Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics is an out-and-out solution for all your Risk and Audit workflows in a single platform. Traditional manual processes do not help auditors to identify and prioritize risks on time, reducing the chances to mitigate risks or prevent them before they occur. Aurex allows Auditors to carry out more work in less time, with greater coverage, and with a whole host of other benefits.

It is always essential to get hold of the right platform to significantly improve your business. Many of our customers have enough experience using other data analysis software. But they realized that the software they have purchased with a whopping amount is too complicated for them to handle and can only be managed by some highly trained specialists. Aurex is an easy-to-use Audit & Risk Analytics platform that helps you scrutinize all your data in seconds using real-time interactive dashboards. Aurex is a single platform audit solution that ensures proficiency across an organization's entire audit workflow, from planning to reporting. If you think Aurex is a better platform to choose, Contact us.

Aurex is a cloud-based platform that combines risk management, audit management, audit analytics, and continuous audit in one single platform. It is designed to unlock the real value of data across the entire internal auditing lifecycle by testing 100% of the data population, reducing the probability of risks. It allows for 80% automation by analyzing all the high-value data at lightning speed, which helps your data experts focus on core tasks. Get valuable insights in less time using Aurex!

Usually, we expect Aurex to save an auditor 15-20 hours every month. Aurex easily carries out the monotonous task of data collaboration and analysis, quickly scores the risks using in-built scenarios, and helps you attain a holistic picture of data using dashboards at a speed and perfection no human could achieve. Aurex saves you time and effort without compromising the efficiency of the entire process.

Excel worksheets cannot exceed the limit of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns of data. But Aurex can process ten million rows of data. The processing of all these data sets occurs within the easy-to-use interface of Aurex. You can effectively process these exorbitant volumes of data and get proper insights to draw valuable decisions in less time than any other risk & auditing platforms.

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