Aurex software application is about to be launched in the US market

USA (SAN FRANCISCO) - JULY 14, THURSDAY, 2022 - Aurex - an AI-ML based GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) and Analytics software application - is to be launched in the US market on July 18, 2022. As a product, it offers a Unified Digital Assurance Ecosystem.

Aurex is a unique plug-and-play product that gives its users a greater degree of assurance over their complex, multifaceted organization by employing its Risk, Audit & Analytics capabilities. The purpose of Aurex is to identify the organizational risks proactively and in real-time. These risks are reported to the Board and the Management for mitigation by the system. The App empowers enterprises through Continuous Audit, Continuous Controls Monitoring and Continuous Compliance Monitoring in a unified architecture. Aurex automates end-to-end workflows and facilitates clients to stay Assured in perpetuity.

Aurex will be showcased at the IIA’s 2022 International Conference that will be held in Chicago, Illinois, from July 18 to July 20, 2022.

“We are delighted to introduce Aurex to the US market and thereby to the wider world. Aurex is truly a product whose idea has come. By augmenting audit, risk and analytics functions and bringing them onto a unified platform, a paradigm shift has occurred. Aurex is a system that transcends silos enabled and empowered by AI and ML to automate processes and tackle the enterprise issues raised by barriers on its own,” said Indumon Das, the Founder and Managing Director of Aurex.

An entrepreneur, Indumon Das has end-to-end experience in architecting, guiding, and leading solutions in Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning for the spheres of GRC, Audit and Digital Transformation.

“The risk, audit, governance and compliance teams will find Aurex to be a reliable system to streamline their actions with efficacy,” Indumon Das added. “US is one of the biggest markets for GRC applications, and Aurex intends to tap into this opportunity,” he noted.

With Aurex’s Unified Audit-Analytics capabilities, organizations can anticipate, evaluate, and respond to changes in real-time.

About Aurex is a software application that gives its users a greater degree of assurance over their complex organization by employing its Audit & Analytics capabilities. It is backed by experts with decades of experience in managing risk & audit functions and enterprises with a proven track record in the domains of GRC, Audit and Digital Transformation.

Media Contact: Venicia Rodrigues
Designation: Director - Sales Operations
Phone: (97156) 167-4790

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