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Bringing together elements of governance, risk, compliance, controls, BCM and analytics under a Unified Digital Ecosystem. Empowering AI, ML, and ultra-sophisticated neural networks to automate processes and accelerate Digital Transformation!

Risk Management

The Risk Management module of Aurex is comprehensive and effective in that it lets you identify all the risks and empowers you to take timely actions.

The Module enables you to do:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Categorisation and Prioritisation
  • Risk Control and Testing
  • Organizational Health Monitoring
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Audit Management

Tackle multidimensional risks by sifting through massive chunks of data at the speed of light aided by supreme insights. Aura Audit Management module lets you do that and more.
In fact, the Module empowers you to do:

  • Audit Planning and Reporting
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Resource Management
  • Audit Workflow Management
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Audit Analytics

With minimal manual effort, analytics for a huge tranche of data can easily be carried out with the power of Aurex Audit Analytics module.
The Module enables you to do:

  • Recommendation Tracking
  • Critical Issues Monitoring
  • Automated follow-up & feedback
  • Exception Scenario Reporting
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Incident Management

The Incident Management module is about ticket resolutions and efficiency management.

The Module enables you to do:

  • Organisation-wide coverage for logging and reporting incidents
  • Interaction with a friendly interface for business users and audit team to capture incidents
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Internal Controls

Aurex's Internal Controls or Risk Controls module automates internal controls status by integrating organisational ERP, CRM and similar systems.

The Module enables you to do:

  • Management and reporting of the Internal Controls hierarchy
  • Drill-down from controls to Risks and Audit
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Budget & Time Management

The Budget Management module of Aurex lets you keep a tab of your budget expenses and resource utilisation in real-time.
The Module enables you to do:

  • Budget Allocation & Tracking
  • Management and Audit Level Breakdown
  • Runover Alters
  • Expense Submission and Approval
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Continuous Audit Management

The Continuous Audit Management module of Aurex helps you keep the organisation in shape, empowering continuous monitoring of multiple parameters and indicators.

The Module enables you to do:

  • Continuous Control Monitoring
  • AI/ML Powered Analytics Tests
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Early Warning Predictions
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Continuous Audit Management

Compliance Management

Aurex’s Compliance Management module is a highly customisable module that can be fine-tuned to suit the multiple requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

The following are the unique enabling factors:

  • Compliance checklists, with global best practices
  • Dynamic charts and dashboards to help keep track of organisational compliance status
  • Automated Compliance score calculation
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Compliance Management

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