Support Modules

Budget Management

The Budget Management module of Aurex lets you keep a tab of your budget expenses and resource utilisation in real-time.

Experience effective and efficient time and resource utilization with the Aurex Budget Management module. The approval process can be defined on the Aurex app itself and contributes to enhanced drill-down of organizational performance. Additionally, the solution can let you pre-set the budget functions.

The Module enables you to do:

Budget Allocation & Tracking
Management and Audit Level Breakdown
Provide you with runover alerts
Expense Submission and Approval
Industry Challenge
  • Budget allocation and management is a time-intensive process.
  • To submit the expenses and time, a separate application is required.
Aurex Solution
  • Pre-set the budget for each activity and monitor the same in real-time. View as a part of the dashboards.
  • On Aurex, unlike other applications, this is an inherent feature, and the approval process can be defined there itself.
  • Experience considerable time saving and effective insight-based resource optimization.
  • Easier expense vs. budget analysis facilitating enhanced drill-down of organizational performance.

Time Management

Track organizational time spend at:

  • Audit level
  • Risk level
  • Control level
  • Non-chargeable time


Carry out different types of surveys that can be made use of in different scenarios. Create surveys and make the employees participate in the survey.

  • Create and tag surveys
  • Generate assessment

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