The 11th CAE Conference and ESG Assurance: Encapsulating Agility

Sumi S
09:00 am
26 Oct 2022

The renowned Chief Audit Executives conference is fast approaching! Are you willing to take part in the esteemed 11th CAE Conference? The event is on Nov 2nd and 3rd, 2022, from 7.30 AM to 4.30 PM at Conrad, Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi.

We are proud to be the bronze partner of the event. Our founder, Indumon Das and Director of Beinex Digital, Shantosh Shridhar, are among the twenty-two speakers around the globe to take part in the conference.

The opportunity presented by the conference's subject this year, "Agility, The New Norm," is to examine and emphasise the strengths of internal audit and how the field has successfully adapted to new circumstances. Internal auditors successfully control and change the course to support organisations in a constantly changing and uncertain environment. The industry is experiencing a resurgence, and this year's conference will feature the most recent trends, techniques, and processes.

The CAE Conference and ESG Assurance

As the custodians of Enterprise health and well-being, Auditors are tasked with providing assurance on an evolving paradigm – ESG. This needs to be complied with by Enterprises worldwide to promote sustainability and to decouple resource use from economic growth.

That is the future, and it opens a haven of opportunities for those in Audit, Risk and Governance positions. Enviable as it may sound, the kind of organizational maturity that can keep up with the demands of ESG reporting standards in a realistic manner is more like a broken link.

Auditors of today lack the right set of tools to bring an ESG Assurance ecosystem in symmetry with ESG Reporting Standards, and ESG Assurance needs from the business stakeholders. There is also a need to expand the present ESG Assurance paradigm to meet the rigorous standards of ESG reporting in general. Join us to understand how this symmetry can be achieved.

Why attend

In this event, you can engage with more than 20 international leaders, speakers, and practitioners on hot-button issues like digitisation, artificial intelligence, agile auditing, environmental sustainability, governance and risks, fraud and corruption, information security, transformational leadership, and many others.

Who should attend:

Internal auditors at all levels and industries will benefit greatly from this training adventure because it will be rich in insights.

What to anticipate:

  • Make the most of your opportunities for professional growth and build relationships with Middle Eastern leaders
  • Learn the most current best practices for enhancing your skill set
  • Participate in leadership debates and cutting-edge research subjects.
  • To support your IIA certificates, earn up to 16 CPE credit hours.

The introductory sessions of this year's programme were chosen to revitalise your career with cutting-edge techniques and essential leadership abilities, emphasising developing resilience in a world of perpetual change. The true importance of technology is in maximising an audit team's impact on ethics and leadership.

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